Facebook Ads and Ads Manager Access

I have been having a whole lot of fun this past few months doing  a course on Facebook Advertising and have started to use these skills to create Facebook Ads for businesses.

I love the excitement and interest a well structured Facebook Ad can bring to a business, whatever the goal of the ad is, be it new page likes, leads, or visitors to their website for a sale they have on.

One thing I have noticed through this process though, is that a lot of small businesses don’t know how to make someone an admin on their Ads Manager to be able to access their account to create and manage ads for them.

So, I’ve written up a quick step by step on how to add someone as an Ads Manager for your Facebook business.  Note: You will also need to add the person as a page admin so that Facebook will let them associate the add to your business.

  • Log into Facebook as yourself.
  • Then go to http://www.facebook.com/ads/manager
  • Once in, click on the top left dropdown called Ads Manager,
  • click on the All tools button to expand the window,
  • then on the far right under Settings, select Ad Account Settings.
  • On the left of this screen, select Account Roles
  • Add a User
  • Enter the persons name and select their role (for advertising purposes it is best to select this persons role as “Ad account advertiser” which should be the default.
This should be all you need to do to give someone access to your ads manager, this in conjunction with admin access to your page, will allow me to create ad campaigns for you and monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns, without giving that person access to your credit card details associated with your account.dai-ke-32162

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