How to tell if your Facebook Ad has too much text

Facebook is a great way to share information and advertise your business.  Be it products or services, Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to target your ideal audience and get them over to your Facebook page liking your page and content, over to your website buying products, or signing up for your newsletter.

Facebook however, does have some strict advertising guidelines (and for good reason) but some of the guidelines can be pretty tricky to negotiate through, plus some are just strange – like the 20% text rule!

So why does Facebook want your ad to have 20% or less text overall anyway?

Facebook is a great source of information and of course Facebook uses the information from ads to analyse trends and what works well versus what doesn’t have the get the same reach.

Quite simply, the ads that do the best, have less text and more imagery, they appeal to their clients first through the image, then the accompanying text.

While Facebook will now allow an ad to be approved with more than 20% text, statistics tell us that your ad just won’t do as well than an add with 20% or less text in the image.

So why fight it?

Some creative copy, a catchy image and a short and sweet tag line will go far – get creative, split test a few different images to find the one that appeals to your audience – it get’s really addictive watching those figures and statistics and comparing ads and how they are tracking against each other!

But how do I know if my image has too much text?

I know what you’re thinking, how do you know if your image has too much text?
The rule of thumb is, if you’re not sure it will be under 20%, then you probably have too much text, but if your a visual person like me and want to SEE what over 20% text in an image actually looks like, or want to see what Facebook thinks of your image before you run with it, try Facebook’s inbuilt text overlay tool!


This tool is so cool! Simply upload the image you want to use for your ad and Facebook will tell you if your text image is Ok, Low, Medium or High.

Now because I’m a visual person, I thought I’d show you what an image at each of these 4 stages looks like, so you can get an idea of what Facebook deems to be too much text for an ad.  Check out the below.

(Note: these are example images only, not images I would use or will be using for any purpose other than as examples of how much text you should and shouldn’t use in Facebook ads.)


As you can see, there is a very fine line between Low text and medium text, it was actually really tricky to get the image to score a low text score, they kept coming back as either okay or medium.

It’s a great example of less is more! Less text, more visual information to grab your client.  If you have a sale on for example, all you need is a fantastic image of your product with SALE or 30% off and you’ll have your audiences attention.

I’m curious to know, which image above appeals to you the most? Comment bellow.

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