Re-connect with the art of following up!

There’s a dying art I want to talk to you about and it is so very important if you are looking to build your client base, nurture your existing clients and re-connect with your unengaged clients or even past clients.

It is the simple act of following up, be it with a quick phone call or a follow up email, it can make all the difference in this busy lifestyle we all find ourselves living.  So when you have a client or a potential client come to you and have that connection, the very best thing you can do is follow them up and re-connect!

Follow up

Now you might be thinking “but I’m a  service based industry, this wont work for me” but this does apply for every industry!

It’s ironic that I had planned this blog over the weekend, but just this morning I had a follow up phone call from our dentist to check on our eldest son who had a tooth extracted yesterday.

This simple phone call was fabulous! They didn’t need to call and check how he was going, but the fact that they did has nurtured my relationship with the business and makes me want to go back there.

Have an online business selling products? why not set up a follow up email sequence to ‘see how they’re order is going’.
What about an email to clients who haven’t ordered from you in a few months, touching base and offering them a small incentive to shop with you again.
Another idea would be to have an email go out to people who abandon their shopping cart on your website, touching base to see if their was anything you can help them with or if they had any questions about the products they were looking at.

Have a service based business? Have a process of ‘checking in’ on existing clients and seeing how they’re doing every few months, or if you have sent an email to a potential new client, make a note in your diary to follow up with an email or phone call 4 days’ later.
Past clients you could send them a newsletter with links to your latest blogs or any special rates you might have available.

Tradies? This works for you also! After payments received, have an email go out just to ‘touch base’ and ask how they’re going and if they have any questions. This could be a follow up phone call as well.
Another great option is to send an email asking them to connect with you on Social Media and leaving  a review on your Facebook page.

Think of the possibilities making that extra connection can have!

Stuck for ideas on how to re-connect with your clients? Send me an email at Kristen@simplifyadmin.com.au, I am happy to brainstorm some ideas with you and talk about how to set these systems up.


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