Pick 2 or 3 Social Media platforms and do them well!

Social Media Platform

Being a Small Business owner is hard work! You have so many hat’s to wear, your responsible for EVERYTHING and nothing will happen unless you do it.

On top of all this, you have to do your own marketing and Social Media these day’s is a huge part of that.

The big question is;

Which platforms should your business be active on and how do you decide?

There’s no simple answer, but here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

Pick 2 or 3 and do them well instead of trying to do them all

Pick 3 Social Media Platforms and focus on doing them well.
If 3 is a stretch, then it’s okay to pick 2 and have a third that you don’t maintain as often, but 3 is the perfect number (says the woman with 3 kids and 3 dogs lol).

Social Media Graph 2017

How to pick what platform is best for you

With so many social Media platforms out there, it’s hard to know what platform is best for your business and why.  So let’s break a few of them down below and which platforms would suit various industries.


As a business, you NEED a Facebook page, the numbers just don’t lie. With 2 million users on Facebook, that’s a lot of potential people seeing your content, it’s a no brainer, right?


Your website is a key part of your online presence. Having a well presented website which flows with the content and brand message you are sharing on your socials is a pivotal part of it.  Your website can be maintained and refreshed with regular blog posts, updated with new testimonials, or have a feed from your other social media accounts. The more often you are updating and adding new content to your website, the better google will rank your site in searches.


Instagram is a personal favourite of mine, so much so that when I try to think of reasons why you should be on Insta, I hit a blank and think, why wouldn’t you be?
In all seriousness though, it is a platform where you can share beautiful product images, inspiring self branded memes, information and advice. You can show a relaxed side to your brand or business, put products under peoples noses and interact a lot more closely with your followers, building a relationship and rapport, nurturing them to shop with you.


Pinterest is a hidden gem. The numbers in the above graph don’t do Pinterest justice.  When you read the statistics on sales via Pinterest for product based businesses, it’s actually a fabulous marketing tool.
Just think, how many times have you been scrolling through your Pinterest account, pinning things you like to boards when you see something that you NEED TO HAVE and can’t find where it’s from?
As a product business on Pinterest, make sure you include your business name or website with the price of the product in the image itself and you will go far my friend.
Businesses who should seriously consider Pinterest as one of their Socials would be: Product based businesses, photographers, jewellers, tradesman – like builders, landscapers, architects, but also service based businesses who write blogs and have useful information they can share.

Linked in

The numbers for Linked in are not in it’s favour, but it is a great tool to connect with people if you are a service based business. Think of it as virtual networking and keeping in touch with past work colleagues. If a contact sees you actively on Linked in and an opportunity comes up, they are more likely to remember you and your lil biz and refer the person to you than if they haven’t seen or heard from you in a while.


Another great tool, especially if you have a lot of video’s. Having a YouTube account makes it easier to share video content, also allowing you to use the video’s YouTube url to embed the video in places like your website, emails, share to your Facebook etc.


I don’t have a twitter account. I never jumped on the Twitter band wagon when it first came out.
Twitter is a great tool if you are in a fast paced industry, if your ideal clients are topical and are interested in your opinion and what you have to say on topics, but it is very fast paced and in my opinion, takes a lot of work to maintain a good, active Twitter account.
Unless you are a journalist, radio station or public figure, I don’t think as a business struggling to manage your own social media, that Twitter is a space you need to worry about (unless Twitter is your thang, then go for it!)

In closing

Whatever social media platforms you choose to focus on for your business, the best advice is to have a regular posting schedule.

If you are struggling to get those posts out there each day, or social media is stressing you out, you can hire a VA to schedule content for you, either for a short period of time while you focus on other tasks, or for a longer period. Social Media Management doesn’t have to be expensive, nor is it a scary thing to hand over your social media to a professional who will work with you to nail your branding and your social media voice to ensure your brand is represented how you want it to be.

email me at Kristen@simplifyadmin.com.au if you’d like to talk about short term or long term social media management for your business.



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