Facebook Ad Campaigns

Do you love the idea of running a Facebook Ad Campaign, but don’t seem to have the success you’d expect when you try it?

Do you find that your Ad campaigns just don’t seem to reach the target audience you’d like them to?

Want to re-direct the visitors on your website to your Facebook page, or a product they’ve previously viewed?

Let us take the confusion out of your Facebook Ad campaigns and run you a beautiful, targeted campaign that reaches your ideal audience and gets results!

All our Facebook Ad campaign pacakages include:

  • Creating audiences within your Ads Manager to allow for targeted advertising to a variety of audiences
  • Assisting with setting up your Facebook Pixel if you haven’t already done so
  • Creating copy for your ad campaign
  • Using your supplied images or video to populate your campaign
  • Split testing 1-2 ad campaigns to find the most effective ad for your business
  • Monitoring your ad campaign throughout the life of the campaign
  • Replying to comments left on the ads
  • Regular reports about your campaigns performance
  • Recommendations for changes to improve your ad campaign

Facebook Ad Campaign Package

Our Facebook Ad Campaigns are split into three stages: Audience analysis; ad and audience set up; maintenance during the ad campaign.

Each ad campaign is different and therefore before commencing with a new client, we will have a free 30 minute meeting via Zoom to discuss your expectations and key Audiences.

Next, the analysis stage is completed for $100, where we take an in depth dive into your existing audience and target audiences, providing you with a report and recommendations to help shape your effective ad campaign (to complete this you will need to have your Facebook Pixel set up and have Google Analytics integrated with your website also – if you don’t this is something we can set up for you instead of the audit for the same rate of $100).

next it’s on to building your target audiences and ad campaign/s. The number of campaigns and ads you like created will alter the price, however the normal starting rate for 2 ad campaigns with 2 ad sets each is $200.

Once we’ve created your targeted ad campaign and it’s live, you have the added option to Select a maintenance option, which can include as little as monitoring the ad and providing a report at the conclusion of the campaign, up to replying to all comments made on the ad/s, inviting people who like your ad to like your page, updates as required during the campaign, a weekly overview report, plus a detailed report at the conclusion of the ad campaign. This maintenance portion can range from $50 – $140 per week depending on the level of support you would like during your campaign.

Get in touch

If you would like assistance in running a Facebook Ad campaign, then please complete our enquiry form for Facebook Ad Campaigns, which can be found by clicking here.