Social Media Management

With our range of Social Media packages, we can tailor a package to support you and manage your social channels.

Let me create you a beautiful, follow worthy Instagram feed, an engaging and dynamic Facebook page, or a captivating and pin worthy Pinterest account.
Google + and Linked In management is also available.


Using a variety of post styles, I will create for your brand, Social Media content that will have your ideal customers coming and engaging with you through a beautifully laid out Social Media feed, with content that matches your brand and message.

A variety of Social Media packages are available, including:

Content Scheduling Plus Engagement

This package will have you sitting back and not having to worry about your Social Media again! We will plan your content in advance, schedule your posts, including hashtags, will engage with your clients, plus reach out to your target market to help grow your brands awareness and followers.
Packages can vary, depending on number of posts daily, number of platforms, plus amount of engagement you’re looking for.

For a confidential chat about your social media and to enquire about a tailored package for your business, get in touch on 

Content Scheduling

Love keeping in touch with your customers on social media but just don’t have the time to plan out your posts and post regularly?

Then this package is for you!

With minimum of 3 posts a week, starting from as little as $150 a month, let me create a social media schedule for you so you can sit back and just engage with your customers as the posts manage themselves.

Packages and prices do vary depending on the number of posts a week/day, plus the number of platforms you’d like managed.  So get in touch for a confidential chat about your social media and the support you’re after

Engagement Queen

Have the content under control but can’t keep up with the comments and engagement?
Do you want to be more involved on Instagram, interacting with your ideal clients, but just don’t have the time to sit down and comment on everyone’s posts?

We do! and boy do we love engaging with people!  But don’t worry, our comments will be totally relevant to the post and people will know it’s not a bot commenting on their pic!

This option is completely flexible, depending on how much time you want spent engaging with your ideal market and how many comments you’re receiving on your posts which need to be replied to.

If this sounds like what you’re after, get in touch for a confidential chat and I can come up with a plan to suit you and your budget!

Facebook / Instagram Ads

Love Facebook but can’t get your head around advertising?

Struggling to find your ideal market? What about ad campaigns that just aren’t hitting their mark?

Or would you simply like some insights into your campaigns and audiences so you can better structure your ad campaigns? Get in touch!

I LOVE Facebook Ads, there’s something about watching the interactions and the numbers, the stats sitting behind the campaign and the results!

Reach out if you’d like support with your Advertising campaigns, we can make them work for you!

What next?

For more information about these packages or Social Media Management services, please call Kristen on 0401 344 660 or send an email to

We look forward to chatting to you about how we can simplify your Social Media!

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